My Portfolio – Videos & Animations

This is my Portfolio work from the past seven years when I have been in College and University. From previous projects from different projects with Video and Animation work. So enjoy.

Animation Showreel (2016)

Animation Showreel (2014)

Fake Essex History (The Jolly Awful and Really Quite Wretched Conquest of Colchester) (2014)

E4 Estings final piece 2013  (2013)

What’s in the Box? (2013)

Showreel 2012 (2012)

Red Bull Canimation (2011)

E4 Estings final piece (2011)

Showreel 2011 (2011)

South Bank (2011)

Donny and Pete (2011)

Experimental Animation (2010)

House on the Hill Snail Animation (2009) 

Ning Nang Nong (2007)


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