Sketch book series part 6, life drawing classes, last part

This is my eighth and last post of my sketch books series, of my recent drawings in my sketch books from the last eight months. This part of the sketch book is from my life drawing classes I have been taking from the last four months. This sketch book started from 25/6/12 to 9/7/12. So enjoy.

Sketch Book 6, from 25/6/12 to 9/7/12:

That is the end of my sketch books series folks. That is all. Bye.

Sketch Book 1, from 28/11/11 to 23/2/12

Sketch Book 2, from 23/2/12 to 26/3/12

Sketch Book 3, from 3/4/12 to 3/5/12

Sketch Book 4, from 5/3/12 to 24/4/12

Sketch Book 5, from 23/4/12 to 30/4/12

Sketch Book 5b, from 14/5/12 to 28/5/12

Sketch Book 5c, from 11/6/12 to 18/6/12 


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