Let’s get the ball rolling. My first drawing/animation lesson for MA Character Animation

My first lesson was learning two things that I have never used before or haven’t used for a while. First thing is a light box to draw on, which I haven’t used a long while.

Second thing I haven’t use is a program called Flipbook.

I started off with the X-sheet. Placing were the bounces are going to bounce in which frame.

Then gone straight to the light box and draw the drawings for each frame I wanted to put into the animation.

Then gone onto the computer open up the flipbook program, check all the settings for the camera are right and then scan all my drawings using a camera above.

Then gone into flipbook and checked if the screen shots in flipbook.

After all that, export the animation as a DV-pal quicktime file and uploaded onto YouTube.

And that is my first day on my MA Character Animation course.



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