Rolling, Rolling, Rolling the ball down the table then bouncing, bouncing, bouncing on the floor, animation

Second week on my MA Character Animation course. This week was how to Animate Bouncy Balls. Started off with balls falling of a table, such as ping-pong balls, bowling balls, beach balls, footballs and water balloons and so forth. Then recording a few examples with this video below.

Then I roughly planned out were the bounces will hit with a ping-pong ball and a beach ball.

Then I jumped onto a light box and Flipbook on the mac, to drawn down the key-frames to test if the bounces worked well and placed right.

And then I decided to continue to animate either the ping-pong or the beach ball for my finished product of the bouncing ball. I decided that to continue with the beach ball to add the in-between frames that were missing. And needed to drawn in as this animation below show.

My feedback was the animation needed some frames to remove to flow better and a positive feedback was my timing for the bounces were right. End of that exercise.



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