Third week on my MA Character Animation course. This week was how to animated a jump in a cartoon style. I was influenced by the fall of Hardcore legend and WWE wrestler Mick Foley (who was playing as Mandkind) from an 21 feet cell onto a table back in 1998 in a match called Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker.

Then, I roughly planned out how I am going to plan the jump.

Then, I jumped onto a light box and then use the Flipbook program on the mac, to drawn down the frames to test if the jump worked well and placed right to hit the table.

Then, I finished off the animation with the last few drawings and also add a few more frames in-between.

Then, I tried out again with a new jump and added some comedy styling to it such adding a broken head to the end of the animation.

Overall, I was satisfied with the exercise. But, I could have improvement the jump on both animations above. But for now, end of this exercise.



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