Week 8 and 9 Walk cycles and mood change walks

Last two weeks (week 8 and 9) we looked at walk cycles and mood change walks.

We started off with observing peoples walks when they are in different moods in the street. Then afterwards I looked at two different theories of walk cycles, one was Steve Robert’s theory, which I was looked at his basic walk cycle, the angry walk cycle and the depress walk cycle. And give these a try to animate on the lightbox.

And then look at Preston Blair’s theory, which I looked at his skip walk cycle and his basic walk cycle.


And give myself a try on animating the skip walk on the lightbox, and the basic walk cycle in Adobe Flash.

Then in Flash, I tried two different experiments with the simple walk cycle. one was a walking left to right across the screen and the other was walk on spot while the background was moving.

Now I got to do this once again, but this time with my character (Iceman) is supposed to walk in the scene in a certain way, see something that makes him react and go out of the scene walking in a different way. As these screen shots below shows.



Photo 22-12-2012 00 29 25

So for now.


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