Birds and the bees (I really means to say the hornets) animated

During the morning session on Monday morning (14/1/13), a little exercise on doing birds, insects, snakes and fishes cycles. I had a go at the flying insect cycle. I based my flying insect on a hornet, which was basically draw the hornet in six different wing positions.

Picture 10-1

Then, I scanned all the frames into Photoshop and Illustrator to tidy up each image. Then drag the files into Flash to give this animation blow.

Got some instance feedback to make the frames a faster pace. Also blur the wings in a few frames to give it a faster pace to the viewer.

Picture 19-1

After I done this, I went back into Flash. Shrink the Hornet a little bit more and added some colour to give the final animation below.

Then, I had a go on doing a flying bird cycle. However, due to I did not had a lot of time, I only managed to do the keyframes only.

Good little exercises nonetheless.



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