Storyboards and animatic for forth coming project.

Storyboards and animatics for the forth coming project with the British Postal Museum and Archive (BPMA). First I started off by drawing down my storyboards for this project on how it going to look like.

Then, I started on the animatic, I went into Premier to do this and added all of my sounds effects I have created and added the storyboard images and place them into Premier to create the animatic below shows.


After I done this, I got some feedback, and the main problem was I needed to make the animation much longer, as I made it too fast to understand. Then I went back to Premier to update the animatic and make it much longer as possible as this animatic below shows.

After I done that, I went back for some feedback, I needed to add a few more frames to be added in. After I draw them and added them into Premier. Below is the final animatic I have created.

Now I start to animate this project now and do the development work.



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