Up and coming concepts for future projects

For the up and coming projects, I had to develop through the summer break two concepts for each of the two projects for Liquid Architecture and London Transport Museum – Goodbye Piccadilly, and if either clients idea one of my ideas, the concept will come to life, if not most likely be in someone’s group as an animator. So the ideas, starting with…


Liquid Architecture


My idea is influence by the declining of the City of Detriot, USA, which is currently bankrupt and mostly influence by Varasha, Famagusa in Northern Cyprus of now the abandoned of that part of Cyprus, after the civil war in 1974, when the country is stilt into two. And somebody dubbed the town as a ghost town.

Detriot, USA

Varasha, Cyprus


An architecture. Who is on holiday in a foreign country, in a town. The architecture saw an opening of a barb wire fence he craws into the hole, he enters an abandoned town. After the architecture looks around in amazed and shocked, he leaves the abandoned town he e-mails he architecture friends for ideas of a new town, goes to a meeting were the new town is approved of the concept. The story goes 15 years later of the new town, were the architecture is there.


How it will be made?

More than likely created in 2D, After Effects or Cell Action. But, if this was made in 3D, more than likely in Maya and would be the better option for this project.

London Transport Museum – Goodbye Piccadilly


My idea is influence by the research from the London Transport Museum the have given s research of the first world war. And I was influence by the audio of Anne Parker story with the B-Type bus.


Starts at a misty Piccadilly Circus, were you see Rose waiting for a bus going to Liverpool Street. Rose goes onto the B-Type bus, Rose goes onto the top level were she meets Anne the bus conductor. Then afterwards, they see a Zeppelin in the sky. The Zeppelin goes closer and closer to the bus, while the passengers are scared. Until, a Bristol M1c passes by and flew into the Zeppelin as it appears to be a cloud all along. The passengers are relaxed now, until a spot of rain appears. Rose gets to her destination and leaves the bus and Anne waves to Rose on the bus. Rose goes into the pub. While the bus oes into the sunset to conclude the story.

How it will be made?

More than likely to be created in Cell Action mainly. Also hand drawn and imported into photoshop to create the characters and passengers, and possibly After effects to create the finish product as-well.

More to explain in the next post soon.



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