Photoshop Hell! three weeks of work

First post for a while, and for the last three weeks I have been working hard on the final project.

Photo 14-04-2014 21 29 15

The great thing is that the backgrounds are mainly sorted with a little help form my first year called Sasha, who has worked with backgrounds in Photoshop and coloured them in within two weeks which is great.

Picture 23

As for main characters they are sorted, with just the background characters and animals to draw. But, characters like Claudius,

Photo 14-04-2014 21 23 18

…The Dave of Dagenham…

Photo 14-04-2014 21 23 35

…The Ray of Romford…

Photo 14-04-2014 21 23 04

Photo 14-04-2014 21 25 03

and the Romans are drawn, scanned in, and glued in Photoshop, after weeks of doing this in Photoshop and basically being fed up with this in Photoshop, as you guess the title is called Photoshop Hell!

My big pursued from the last month is buying CelAction2D on my Toshiba laptop for £360 at a discount price which I’ve did.


After buying it, I’ve started to animate with it, which includes from the last eight days, 57 seconds worth of animation from the last week.

Photo 14-04-2014 21 29 15

With seven weeks to go I’ve got 3 minutes worth of animating to do to even finish the animation, so basically that is 26.5 seconds a week worth of animating to do. More to come I hope.



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