For my actors for the final project I got CSM actors Mike Corsale and George Johnston to do the voices. George Johnston did the narrator and the director. While, Mike Corsale did the main characters of Claudius, The Dave of Dagenham, The Ray of Romford voices.


Due to limited time with my actors because of their schedules I only had an hour and weeks after that they would be working in a different country altogether.

This would have been the improvement for the animation I would have liked to due to limited time with the actors. Also, not recorded the audio in the sound studio also hurt us due to couldn’t get into it due to how busy it was getting into one. When we did record it in the animation studio in the end, we had bad background noise due to I was talking to one of actors on how I would like to sound like.

Also, an American student who is in the first year is overheard in the background from the recordings, so I had to retouch a lot of it in Adobe Audition so you don’t here the person. Because it doesn’t sound bad in a QuickTime file as it more forgiving, but in Premiere it is noticeable. Also, the score and some effects did helped to hide it well. But, if I redo it again, I would have booked them in a sound studio to sound much better.

Overall, I would work with them again if the opportunity come across.



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