This is for anyone if you got any kind 3D glasses, you have got to try this out

First proper post/blog of 2012. Starting of with something completely different. This what I have done in my down time since Christmas a 3D image creating from Photoshop.

I was very influence by an image which was created by friend below on some dolls from the Playsation 3 game ‘Little Big Planet’.

So I was Influenced by this, so I want to a few web-sites to find some tutorials, this link next to me was the best tutorial for this exercise:

First I created this imaage. Inspired by a racing car livery on another car. The original photo was taken in a market town in Essex. Then the image was imported into Adobe Photoshop and then traced and improved by using different filters, layers and techniques to create the image above.

Afterwards, gone onto this web-site: to create the image below, it took a few times in Photoshop to understand the tutorial. I felt this tutorial would work better with a real photo, rather than something was created in Photoshop, in my opinion. So enjoy the image folks.

End of blog for now. New post soon. That is all, Bye.


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