A drawing/illustrated post with super heroes in it

First proper post/blog of March. Starting of with a different post today. This what I have done from last few months. Influenced by a few images from the Superman/Batman comic books.  Draw them first by hand, then scanned in, then altered in Photoshop.

I was influenced by the Pop Art movement, Artist such as Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. Also, I was influenced by Frank Miller’s Sin City Comic book style of black and white images with adding limited colour.

The original drawings was created by using HB pencil and a sharpie pen.

Then adding the blue and red by using cheap marker pens to draw in.

Now, I went into Photoshop by scanning in the original black and white image. Then in Photoshop I threshold the image to black and white. Then, with the layer went to select menu – click onto colour range, put the fuzziness to 100% clicked OK then delete the white  bits of the image as the image below shows.  

Then in a few layers below the main layer added simple colours to the image in each layer.

After I added the colour, then saved as a jpg file. This is the finish piece.

Also, I’ve did the same technique to Batman image as-well as Superman above.

So here is the finish product of Superman and Batman together.

That is all. Bye.


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