GTO art cars from Adobe Ideas I’ve created

Second post/blog of March. This what I have done from last few months ago on my iPod touch. Influenced by a few images from the Superman/Batman comic books. Draw them first by hand, then scanned in, then altered in Photoshop.

There was an app for free on i-Tunes called Adobe Ideas for the iPhone (now cost £2.99 for the app nowadays) which I’ve done some drawings perviously I’ve done on my iPod Touch.

I was Influenced by the image of the Ferrari 250 GTO to created it in Adobe Ideas.

I started with the image behind as a template, draw in the basic colours onto another layer.

Then I remove/hide the real image reappear as a reference on in a while. Then add more colour to the main image.

Then re-tidy the details/adding and removing colour of the car with a bit of trail and error. Some didn’t work. But, is developing the piece.

Add some details to the bonnet.

Add some more detail, adding/replace colour.

Add the Ferrari logo on the side of the car.

Then retouch the front end of he car again for the finish piece of the 250 GTO.

Then I done this with the Ferrari 288 GTO.

And the Ferrari 599 GTO too.

So I take all three GTO cars into Photoshop for a little altering on angles of the cars. Saved as as a jpg file. So here is the finish product of Ferrari GTOs’ below.

That is all. Bye.


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