The Art of Evolution of the Formula 1 Car – Animated

Last year I entered myself in the Red Bull Canimation competition back in November 2011. I was influenced by the Red Bull Racing team and Sebastian Vettel recent glory for my animation.

Most recently, I have seen this is animation below, created by Animateer and Illustrator designer Ruf Blacklock.

The creator of the animation Ruf Blacklock, who is a big fan of Formula 1 himself, wanted to created an animation that shows the evolution of Formula 1 car from the last 62 years and has not been shown on any video streaming site until now. Each car is the winning chassis from the respective seasons, for examples the 1978 Lotus 79 and 1983 Brabham BT52 was drawn in. Even the evolution of the steering wheels from 1950s to the present day was included. Also, the animation was created in Adobe After Effects.

My thoughts on the animation overall, I felt that the animation worked really well throughout the 60 seconds. I felt the background music and sound effects worked really well. The sound effects were spot on with the noise of the formula one car of present. I felt the styling work well and using simple colours, reminds the styling of the Tron films. The big positive point I felt that the timing was right, if it was longer than 90 second I think it might not work. If it was 45 seconds it would have been too short for the animation, so a minute was spot on in my opinion. Is their any negative points, nothing I can really notice.

Overall, I enjoyed the animation altogether. Despite, I am a big Formula 1 fan myself.



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