Donny and Pete vs Max and Monkey or is it?

Last year for my Final Major Project for Animation I created a two minute animation called ‘Donny and Pete’ (2011), were you have a smart cat called Pete with a dumb human who knows nothing called Donny.

Donny and Pete

If I could have put this in my research I would have I saw this last year on the Aniboom Youtube page called: ‘Max and Monkey- A Bromance Aniboom Animation’ and was created by Alex Fass (web-site).

Max and Monkey- A Bromance Aniboom Animation

Alex Fass stated on his own web-site that the “Max & Monkey” concept was created both for the production and the pitch of an adult humored, animated television series. Max is a not so intelligent person, while Monkey is the intelligent one out of the pair of them, possibly the same characteristics as my characters, I think Donny is more stupid than Max in my opinion.

Max & Monkey was created by using three programmes:Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Also, using Cintiq, a graphic tablet you can draw into Illustrator and Photoshop instead of using a mouse.

My thoughts on the two animations. The first animation above have it’s own unique style with Maya, Illustrator and Photoshop altogether. The second animation below, if I didn’t know that the animation was created in Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya I think the animator was nearly copping my style with Donny and Pete. But, yet again I don’t believe his copping by style at all. But, personally the first animation has its own style more on its own compared to the second animation which was a bit more flat without the 3D style.
Anyway, great animations altogether.

Max and Monkey Ep. 2 – An Odd Couple Aniboom Animation by Alex Fass



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