Followthrough test 2 part 2

This is my second post will of the two-parted post of my Followthrough test 2 part 2.

Then after deciding the creature I am animating. I gone into Flash and started to do the followthrough. I have used a graphics tablet for this exercise so it will not drawn from a mouse, So it would have my style of drawing.

Photo 07-11-2012 19 48 52

This is my first attempt on the followthrough animation I did in Adobe Flash.

Then I went back into Flash and retouch the body and fin/tail to give it more of a smooth feel.

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 19.48.21

Then I exported the animation as a Quicktime, showed the animation to a few of my pears and said that I needed to improve on the Followthrough because its very rough at the moment.

I need to go back and develop the followthrough more in my opinion.



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