Week 7: Vincent Woodcock, character and animation designer class

On beginning of week 7 we had a day lecture by character designer and animator Vincent Woodcock.

vw002 vincent 001

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 21

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 31

In the morning session, we started looking at the posture and the proportions of a human character by drawing it in a very simple way, which I felt this exercise worked a great effect way for me in my opinion. We looked at 3D shapes such as spheres, boxes and others to describe the different parts of the body.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 08

Then he talked about the characteristics of face and how they change from every different person. So, we had a try drawing each other.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 36

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 43

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 51

In the afternoon we created a character starting from some features the group decided. So we would design a 5 year-old fat and tattooed boy who got one leg and he fishes? We also tried to think about his opposite, so it could be an old, skinny who doesn’t like fish.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 14

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 57

Then we had to look more into the proportions and try to be more detailed with the character designs and draw them in their poses.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 35

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 47

Finally, we had to make the characters interact into a scene. We had to imagine their reactions were as-well.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 51

Overall, possibly a very good day, exercises work well, now I can take it into my characters design and my animations as-well with the weeks to come.



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