Sketch book series part 6b: the extra bits

These sketches were from my Sketch book 6 after the 9/7/12 (around 10/8/12 to 22/812), some of the sketches on this post are more cartoonish rather than life drawings. So enjoy them anyway.

But, for now see you in 2013. Bye.

Sketch Book 1, from 28/11/11 to 23/2/12

Sketch Book 2, from 23/2/12 to 26/3/12

Sketch Book 3, from 3/4/12 to 3/5/12

Sketch Book 4, from 5/3/12 to 24/4/12

Sketch Book 5, from 23/4/12 to 30/4/12

Sketch Book 5b, from 14/5/12 to 28/5/12

Sketch Book 5c, from 11/6/12 to 18/6/12 

Sketch Book 6, from 25/6/12 to 9/7/12


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