Followthrough test 3 and final animation

The third and final post of the followthrough tests and the final animation. I redrawn and developed the followthrough of the shark fin as these two animations below shows.

However, I need to go back and develop more on the followthrough because of the stark fin isn’t doing the followthrough right. Even I got onto a lightbox and draw it down rather than using Flash. Saved the file onto Flipbook to export as a Quicktime file.

Photo 26-11-2012 14 03 33 Photo 26-11-2012 17 10 07 Photo 26-11-2012 17 10 03

However, that really didn’t work well, due to the followthrough didn’t work altogether. Then I redrawn the followthrough once more in Flash.

Photo 27-12-2012 19 22 31

Which worked much better then pervious tries. And then I had another go in Flash to get the followthrough worked. And this time it worked well. So here is my final followthrough animation.

Overall, a difficult challenge to animate the followthrough. But, try, testing and try if the followthrough worked, some tries almost worked and some tries didn’t worked well. But, in the end I got there with a reasonably good followthrough animation.



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