Walk cycles and mood change walks now with added Character

Continuing from the walk cycle and mood changes exercises. I concluded that I will use the Steve Robert’s walk cycles theories rather than use the Preston Blair’s theories. As these was simpler to draw and to walk for my character to animate rather than using Preston Blair’s theories and time is not on my side and the Preston Blair’s theories takes more time to understand in my opinion.


Photo 06-01-2013 02 05 59

Photo 22-12-2012 00 29 25




Then after a few tries on how the character will walk and what mood he supposed to walk in the scene in a certain way, see something that makes him react and go out of the scene walking in a different way (happy walk – look at sign – angry walk-end). I got out an X-sheet and started place were the happy walk goes, the reaaction and the angry walk goes in frames.

Photo 06-01-2013 02 05 33

Then, I got the happy walk out of the way onto the lightbox and put onto Flipbook, however I needed to tidy up the walk cycle in Flash to look convincing.


Then, I got the second walk done within the end of the day. However, due to I got an on my iPhone called iMotionHD. Which is similar to Flipbook, but on the iPhone instead and exported the movie onto YouTube.

Picture 17-1

Next, I needed to do the mood change in-between the two walk cycles. I started by acting it myself so I know what keyframes I need. After that I drawn down the keyframes which will connect to the two different mood walks.

However, the first attempted I felt it need to be acted more and added more keyframes, so I added the extra keyframes in, which worked better.

Then, I added the in-between frames that were missing for the completed mood change. Got the remaining images and scanned into Flash to finish off the mood change with my character.

Overall, a touch challenge to animate my character, nether-less enjoy animating the character. End of first term work.



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