Animal drawings part 2

Second Part of my Animal drawings for an up coming project for the start of next year which I have to create a four legged creature that can be based on either a real or mythological creature. Here is a mood-board below of my drawings and ideas I have develop through the last month of drawings.


After I showed a range of my drawings to few of my peers. I concluded that I should go with my snakehound.


So therefore, I will continue with the snakehound creature. The idea was influnced by an interview of a former WWE wrestler called Jake ‘the snake’ Roberts, and he disused a promo were he told a story about a snake and a rabbit, were the rabbit helped the snake to recover and every time the snake says he will kill him because his a snake. And at the end of the story the snake kills the rabbit, before the rabbit dies, the rabbit asks why did you killed me. And the snake says, because I am snake. Because the snake doesn’t have legs, so therefore I added some legs and a body from a greyhound to complete the snakehound creature. As this mood-board below shows.

moodboards _animals-2

So lets animate the creature.



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