Animal Walking part 1

As I said in a previous post, I have decided to develop the snakehound creature. So I started off doing some basic walk cycles.


But instead of doing a dog cycle first, I decided to try a horses walk cycle for an exercise. I started of by drawing a simple horse by looking at ‘How to draw animals’ by Jack Hamm, which I have looked at the book before perviously how to draw a perfect bear for my research.

Photo 07-01-2013 16 13 11

Photo 07-01-2013 16 13 36

Photo 07-01-2013 16 13 29

Then, I started to draw down a horse doing a walk cycle on the lightbox. Got some feedback, the feedback was a good walk cycle but the rear top legs need to be more smooth while walking.

Then, I had a go of doing a dog walk cycle. I started off by looking at Richard Wiliams theory of animating a dogs walk cycle in ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit‘, in page 330-331 how to do a basic animal walk pattern. I used his version of the walk cycle because I have use this perviously in a pervious project.

rwwalkc Photo 08-01-2013 20 03 29

After I looked at Richard Wiliams theory of a dog walk cycle, I started to drawn down the snakehounds walk cycle down onto the lightbox. After I got down in Flipbook (animation below is taken on my iphone due to give you guys looking at the walk cycle for a few more seconds to give a feel to it). Got some instant feedback, one was I have gave the snakehound some attitude, just like a model going down a runway. An other opinion was the back legs in one frame was doing a moonwalking instead of walking.

Overall, need to improve on the rear of the dog walk cycle. A lot of work to go, although a good start nonetheless.



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