A Fashion animation journal, week one

A Fashion animation journal, week one

We were given two weeks to animate a short five to ten second piece related to fashion. My task was to show a catwalk model takes a step a step and her heel breaks, she falls over and reacts.

Day 1: 21/01/13

I Started off going into Youtube, looking at catwalk model falling over to get some ideas done.

Then after that was done I started off developing the character. Someone reckoned my character look familiar to Spanish actress Rossy be Palma looks.

Day 2: 22/01/13

After I got an idea what the character will look like, I gone to rough storyboards, to show what the story will be.

Day 3: 23/01/13

After I done the storyboards, I went to the light-box and draw down a few model walk cycles of the model in rough form.

Day 4: 24/01/13 and Day 5: 25/01/13

Then once again I went back onto a light-box and this time I draw down the keyframes in pencil. After that was finished scanned into Photoshop, then put into Flash for the rough keyframes below.

Part 2 soon. Bye.


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