A Fashion animation journal, week two

Second post of Fashion fall animation.

Day 6: 28/1/13

I showed off my rough edit, three things I need to improve on, one was make the crack sign more larger, the other was make the fall faster and thirdly add another frame for the impact when she hit the floor

Day 6: 28/1/13, Day 7: 29/1/13 and Day 8: 30/1/13

After this, I went back onto the light-box to draw the whole of the animation with a few cheap blue biro’s instead of using a blue pencil, which will give an edgy style to my animation.


This took around three days to draw the whole animation. After I drawn all of these I scanned them into Photoshop. However I wasn’t satisfied with the last few frames with the laugh. I felt that the head needed to move more. So therefore I jumped back onto the light-box re-edit the last few frames, then re-scanned into Photoshop.


Day 9: 31/1/13, Day 10: 1/2/13 and Day 11: 2/2/13

After all the images were scanned in, I went back into Photoshop and retouched the images and delete the backgrounds which had white in. After this was complete, I took all the images into Flash and place all the images onto the timeline. After that was done, I exported the movie as a quicktime file. Here is the animation below of the final piece.

Overall, great challenge to do within in two weeks to animate.



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