LTM group project, week 1 Journal

Week 1 from 14/10/13-18/10/13 working on the ‘A long way to Tipperary’ story with Fiona’s group being one of the animators.

We met with the clients at the London Transport Museum and it went well. The client wanted a few minor changes from Fiona concept such as making the Leicester Square sign looked more like from the signs of the first World War I and add more first World War British soldiers into the animation, apart form that everything is fine.

Today, we’ve adjust and added more images into Fiona’s animatic what the client have asked to do with their actions from Tuesday.

Also, we’re discussed what scenes we are doing, I am doing the first scene which is 10 seconds; and the tenth and final scene, which is 12 seconds long. Overall, I have 22 seconds to animate in a 85 second animation.

Scene 1: Jimmy and Jack talk to each other – Jimmy’s eyes throbbing, spit from his mouth as he speaks, in slow motion he says ‘five shillings’ – REASSIGNED TO JONATHAN ( I figured that Jonathan may aswell animate all scenes with these two characters as he is already doing the last one – plus he wanted to do this one.)

Scene 10: Jack on stage singing. We see Jimmy “The Lips” scowling up at him, his lip and eye throbbing. Jack waves his arms wide for the final “It’s a long, long way to Tipperary but my heart’s right there!” A thought bubble appears from Jimmy’s head, saying “It’ll never catch on.” – JONATHAN

We’ve finished off the improved animatic, added more images into the animatic to show the client on Wednesday (23/10/13)

Also, I open up Flash, to try to get hangaround of Fiona’s drawing style. By using some of the animatic sketches as reference to her style, so I can match the style.

Over the weekend I will starting doing the keyframes for Scene 10.



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