LTM group project, week 2 Journal

Week 2 from 21/10/13-25/10/13 working on the ‘A long way to Tipperary’ story with Fiona’s group being one of the animators.

Started to put in the keyframes in for final scene (scene 10). Got a meeting with clients tomorrow at the London Transport Museum.


Meeting was cancelled with the clients at the London Transport Museum, due to the client was ill. However, the client did e-mailed us on what to improve on from what they saw of the animatic. The client stated that they wanted more negative war stuffs on the animation such as death. Which, we as a team disagree, because the animation was suppose to be more of a comedy animation rather than death and being negative. So, Fiona e-mailed backed that this will not work, due to animation should be of a comedy and should stick to the original story, which they choose originally.

They e-mailed backed and agreed with our views, the only changes was the soldiers uniform. Currently they are dressed in their military finery, but in reality they would need to be in khaki army uniform so we will need to change midway through the animatic.


Continue adding the keyframes for scene 10. Also, I added in some of the lip syncing for the scene as-well.

Today we did a acting class with Ioli on Thursday. She was full of ideas for the project and made it much better. New additions and changes included the first scene between Jack and Jimmy in which Jimmy prods Jack; Jack dropping into shot. This will help we when I start drawing down the first scene.

Continue adding more keyframes for scene 10 and change some of the keyframes from yesterdays acting class with Ioli.


Over the weekend I will starting doing the keyframes for the first Scene.



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