LTM group project, week 7 Journal

Week 7 from 25/11/13-29/11/13 working on the ‘A long way to Tipperary’ story with Fiona’s group being one of the animators.

Today, I finished off painting both the first scene, and final scenes and remove anything that is not needed in both scenes which I have not notice perviously.


After discussing with group leader Fiona, I altered first scene with adding a night time filter inside the flash document.

Picture 30-1

Also, remove some of the words in the speech bubble in the final scene too.


Picture 23-1
and After

Also, we renamed the animation now called: “Five Shillings”.

Picture 20-1

Today, we met up with Tom Lowe (who is a sound designer who specialises in animation sound design) and cleaned up our animation. He also advised us to add some more sound effects to the first two scenes to add a bit more depth to animation. And we added a few more sound effects to the animation throughout the day.

Showed off the final animation to our peers today and will be showed to the clients at LTM next week.

Picture 23-1

I will show the animation at a later date. But, for now mission complete.



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