And Something completely different

This is not for the current group project. But, more for the final project for later in the year. One of my ideas so far, and the one that a few people I have explained were people have liked is called “Fake Essex History”. That is set in roman times of Colchester, Dagenham and Brentwood in the first century, were the romans meet the ancestors of air-heads and douschebags of Essex idiots in a series of fake history in the country of Essex (note: I am from Essex and still live in Essex, so I can be a bit of a piss taker of Essex).

FEH 6ab1

The story is not cemented yet, but I got some ideas such as the romans renamed Colchester as New Rome. Also, the romans drag the air-heads to the zoo in Colchester but the lions refuse to eat them because one of the lions got food poisoning by eating of them and die, so the romans dragged them to place down south of Essex and build a wall called it Brentwood that was the origins of Brentwood. But, the wall went down because the people of Brentwood went in debit of building of the Brentwood coliseum, so the wall went 300 miles up north to relayed as Hadrian’s Wall were it blocked the Scottish. Also, I got an idea with Dagenham and the creation of the British Chariot dubbed as the Chariot Capri with one horsepower. But, there’s a more powerful Chariot called Chariot Capri RS Cosworth with four horsepower. This idea will be more of a comedy. But, the story needs a start, middle and a end if I can develop the animation.

Here’s some more images so far I’ve drawn down from last weekend.



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