Character Design Workshop with Penelope Mendoncia

We had Penelope Mendoncia come in the last day (Friday 5th December) before Xmas to teach us Character Design (should have been Vincent Woodcock for half a day, but something to do about a tooth fairy or some sort). This lesson was more about drawing out of my own comfort zone.

One task today we went out to draw five different people from life around Kings Cross and then had to three things that doesn’t use in our drawings such as drawing down woman, big eyes, small head for example into one unique character, which we drew.

Photo 06-12-2013 16 06 08

Then in the afternoon session the best four characters were chosen, we then got into groups of these winning characters into a family tree and draw it into that persons style and this what I create below. As you can see not my typical drawing style.

Photo 06-12-2013 16 06 17



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