Research part 2 (the very fake Essex bit)

Continuing from my first post. In my second part of my Fake Essex History animation project for the research, and as you guess this post is a very Essex post.

First off, I will not focus on Essex Girls on this project with Essex Girls jokes, it would be too sexist for this project and I don’t think the project needs it. So moving on.

Essex girls

As you can guess, Ford has a plant in Dagenham, which is in Essex. And through the 1970s and 1980s Ford build cars such as Fiesta, Cortina and the Capri at the Dagenham plant.



The Essex folks always has a fondness of the Capri and Escort, despite the Escort wasn’t built at Dagenham.

Clarkson Car Years

Researched The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). With the male characters I have mainly focus.

joesy essex

james Arg


Look at football, mostly for West Ham United, despite they’re not an Essex football club.

West Ham United: Moore than history

There is also fanatic fans too for West Ham yeah, like Terry from Upminster right, and Russell Brand (who is not on Youtube below).

Terry from Upminster (TalkSport)

Overall, that is my research from Essex in a tongue and cheek way.

But, for now see you in 2014. Bye.


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