Got some bad news

Last week, we showed off our animatics to Shelly Page, which below was a little bit of a much cleaner version of the animatic in places and added one more establish shot to the animation.

Feedback it was funny with a few people laughing at it. But, sadly a few criticism, which included too many talking heads, too many lip-syncing to do in the time, there was also a criticism that the animation lived its live after the first scene, which I disagree with.

And the big thing that was removed I have to do due to many criticisms and opinions that the West Hammus scene has been too cut, due to too many characters to animate and possibly a very limit minded jokes that the audience won’t understand with, unless you are a West Ham fan. Anyway we have rewritten (cut and chop) a new script with an old scene from the previous script we have placed in and used that to re-draw the animatic. New animatic in the next post.



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