The Essex (acid) Test

Had a busy week of redrawing the new Rough Animatic for the Final Project which was shown on two last Thursday (6/2/14), with one of the scenes was removed and replaced with a new scene.

After this I showed this off to a few people if it works better. Which includes showing this to Martyn Jones, who is an animator who taught us a 2D animation program call CelAction2D from two last Thursday and Friday (6/2/14 and 7/2/14), which his form Essex, will be the acid test. With his reaction, the animatic works as he was laughing at the right scenes when needed.

This animatic was a little bit clean up version from last Tuesday.

Also, last Friday (14/2/14) we had animator Philip Vallentin come in to look at our animatics. With my animatic it needed to be tighten up in places and also add some more sounds effects when needed. And below, there is a much more clean up version of my animatic so far from Sunday Evening (16/2/14).



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