Free to Animate

After a few weeks of finishing off the animatic, and after weeks of feedback from professionals from the animation world I am ready to animate.

The feedback from the last few weeks have been positive, which include laughing, laughing and more laughing as positive feedback. Some of the negative feedback, I would not called negative but probably on how to improve it; is to make sure the Claudius character has a strong voice, make sure the characters colours are right such as make sure the Essex characters are bronze, and finally with the right voice actors it can reduce the animation time down 30 seconds less to animate. But, the best bit of feedback is my animation is like horrible histories meet Viz magazine, which was nice.

Finally, I have got my voice actors in place, and also I have found a composer in place for animation as-well giving me ideas what sounds I can use for the animation so far.

First thing tomorrow I am going start to animate my final year animation.



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