After Effects vs CelAction2D

Four programs I have used throughout the final animation is Abode Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and CelAction2D. And the last two particular After Effects and CelAction2D.


For the first minute of my four minute animation is completely in After Effects, and the rest mostly in CelAction2D.

So for this post its what my experience between After Effects vs CelAction2D

ae print screen

Pros for After Effects:

  • Walk and run cycles – very easy to do compare to CelAction2D
  • Fade ins and fades out – easier to do in After Effects

Cons for After Effects:

  • lip syncing – will take a while to do, also the program doesn’t like playing sound.
  • Rendering- unless its a video file and not importing Photoshop files it will take forever, it took 3 hours on my laptop to render 55 seconds worth but on a computer with 8GB worth of RAM, preferred 16GB of RAM on a new mac is much better and much faster, took 15 minutes to do. Worse time rendering on CelAction2D took an Hour for a 35 seconds worth on animation.

So with CelAction2D:

cel screen shot

Pros for CelAction2D:

  • lip syncing – you can do it much faster then After Effects, also the program can play sound, when the frames are highlighted.
  • Building the body in assemble mode- when the character is sorted, is much faster to find in animator mode and it takes less time to animate with different body part

Cons for CelAction2D:

  • Walk and run cycles – very difficult to do compare to After Effects, however easier with body movements.
  • finding the source file – the actor file may need to find once a while when the file uploads and goes red

Overall, it would be difficult to choice which is the better program. But, its down to preference, they do have pro and cons both programs. But, with two programs together it can make great animation as the background and the Romans was in After Effects and the foregrounds with the characters was in CelAction2D.

scrren shot qt



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