Music and Sounds

For my score for my final animation, I got a composer from the Royal College of Music student called Sam Jones.

I didn’t start to think about the music until middle of February when I needed a composer for the project, when the animatic was almost finished, I needed a composer soon as possible.

So, with a contact via another composer got Sam for the project, as I was impress by his portfolio work from his website to take him on.

My initial thoughts about music should be with the music and intro overall should have a lord of the rings soundtrack vibe and possibly a Blackadder vibe to it.

And throughout the three months me and Sam via phoning each other and e-mailing figuring out how to do with the music, by the middle of March, he gave me a few samples if I like the few samples would it suit the animation, then by the middle of May, I got the first rough score, my feedback to Sam was I loved it from the first time I listen to it.

The only thing I need Sam to do is just shorten the score down to a few seconds, because the animation just got shorten by a few seconds from the previous file I gave him. And finally got the final score by the end of May ready for the assessment for the start of June.

Overall, I enjoyed working with Sam, I enjoyed him more than the previous composer I had from the first year, a much more response from the previous composer, you can e-mail him and get response in 10 minutes. Overall a creative person I worked with the score.

screenshot prem 1

Meanwhile last week (30/5/14), I met up with Tom Lowe and I had a great sound design session on Friday. He helped me out with around 85% of the sound effects and the only thing that was missing was a water splash and sound effects for the squirrel which I have to get on my own via websites such as and and place those sound-effects into premiere. But, he did said that I didn’t needed loads of sounds effects due to how strong is the score.

print screen 2

Almost there.



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