Lip Syncing challenge

For this project is lip Syncing, this time is two different animation. One lip sync is randomly picked from the British Library sound achieve from the speech from Lord of the Rings creature J. R. R. Tolkien. And the other lip syncing is our choice.

For the J. R. R. Tolkien audio, my audio was: “one of my friends Hue”

I started off and got an x-sheet put the speech down I which frames I need to animate the audio.


Afterwards, I created the character in Adobe Illustrator.

After I completed designing of the character in Illustrator, I went into After Affects to do the animation.


After I placed the lips are placed in the animation, I exported the animation for feedback.

For feedback, I needed to make the chin to move more with the vowel characters and play more with the shape of the eyes. Got back into After Effects and emended the problems which need to fix.

After more feedback, I need to slow dow the pace of the lips, so the audience will know what his is saying.

For my personal lip sync, I used the Budd’s speech from Kill Bill 2 were he says:

“That woman, deserves her revenge and… we deserve to die. But then again, so does she.”

So I started off with the x-sheet put the speech down.


Then I gone into Adobe Audition to tidy up the audio. Then afterwards, once again I gone into Illustrator to create the character.

After the character was created I gone into Flash to do the animation.


Got some feedback, I needed to slow down the pace of the lips and also silhouette the teeth and keep the rabbits front teeth throughout the animation for the animation below for the finish product.



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