Animal Walking Part 3 (green screen included)

Third post of my snakehound walking. This is continue from the first and second posts.

I had another go of redoing the snakehound walking (13/2/13), this time I scanned the frames into Photoshop, then put into Flash and trace over the frames in Flash.


And then in Flash, I colouring in I added a grey-snake skin texture to my snakehound walk.

After, that was completed, I opened up After Effects. Got the footage of my friends acting out what I wanted to with my creature such as walking it and running with my creature. I remove the background by Choose Effect > Keying > Keylight (1.2). Then in the Effect Controls panel. In Effect Controls panel, I clicked onto screen colour to remove the green in the background.


After that was completed, I imported the snakehound walk then place it onto the timeline, then save the file export the file. Got some feedback, there was a few things to improve on as the footage below shows.

I went back into Flash, improve the walk once again, the back on the snakehound was the main improvement to the previous walk.

Then I got the run-cycle drawn and imported into Photoshop, then put into Flash and trace and coloured in the frames in Flash. And exported as a flash movie to be improted in After Effects.

Then I got all the files into After Effects, which includes a new background. Placed them onto the time time includes a dog leash, which is been done by using a png file and using the pin tool in four different places.


After this was complete. I exported the file as a quicktime file, got some feedback, I needed to added a shadow.

After I added shadow and then soften the shadow, I exported the file as a H264 quicktime file for the finished video below.

Overall a touch challenge to complete the walk and run cycles, did take more time as I planned. But, I felt that I done a good job with the walk, run cycles and green screen overall within seven and a half weeks.



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