Straight Edge MMA Animation

I went back into CelAction last week with a character that I’ve made in Illustrator. And created this animation below.

I got my influence from current UFC fighter CM Punk and Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin.



Then I done a few rough sketches of the character.

sm chump 1

Then, I went into Illustrator to create the character, then export it to a Photoshop file.

Then in CelAction, after the character was rigged, I played around with the character and went back into Illustrator and alter the character that needed to be altered with such as the body. And went back into CelAction until I got it right what I wanted to do such as getting the punchline right which was vital.

sm chump prem ss

Then I exported the file and added some titles in Premiere for the final animation.

More to come, with different characters.