Speedy Info Graphics

Created these in Illustrator and After Effects. Usually take me over a day to complete them, work with a friend to complete them before days before a Grand Prix weekend as info-graphics that go onto social media (Twitter and Instagram to be exact) with facts on number of laps, lap records, race distances, top speeds, tyres and so forth on each Grand Prix.

The animation at the top are the latest from few days ago. While the animations at the bottom are the earliest from last year.



GIF testing

Been doing some GIF work in Illustrator and After Effect influence by football clubs Twitter/Facebook feeds when they score a goal in a game, So, basically I merged some clubs in the American leagues in baseball and  basketball with some football teams in Europe to create the GIF products below.


Sketch books/life drawing classes February 2017

Recently, I have done a few life drawing classes (well just the one, been busy) in my spare time from the last month in February 2017 of my recent drawings in my sketch books. Which, include sketches between one to four minutes mainly, with a few six minutes sketches added in. So enjoy.

February 2017