Sketch book series part 6b: the extra bits

These sketches were from my Sketch book 6 after the 9/7/12 (around 10/8/12 to 22/812), some of the sketches on this post are more cartoonish rather than life drawings. So enjoy them anyway.

But, for now see you in 2013. Bye.

Sketch Book 1, from 28/11/11 to 23/2/12

Sketch Book 2, from 23/2/12 to 26/3/12

Sketch Book 3, from 3/4/12 to 3/5/12

Sketch Book 4, from 5/3/12 to 24/4/12

Sketch Book 5, from 23/4/12 to 30/4/12

Sketch Book 5b, from 14/5/12 to 28/5/12

Sketch Book 5c, from 11/6/12 to 18/6/12 

Sketch Book 6, from 25/6/12 to 9/7/12


Straight edge Sketches/Illustrations

These sketches were done a few months before the course started. I did some sketches and a character design influenced by current WWE Champion CM Punk and Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin.



Then I done a few sketches of the character.

Picture 004

And then scan the sketches into the computer and then gone into Illustrator to drawn over the sketch to give this image below shows. Some of the styling is a bit similar to the Ricky Gervais show. Overall, a good drawing nonetheless.

cmpunk0012a cmpgofyrslf1


Week 8 and 9 Walk cycles and mood change walks

Last two weeks (week 8 and 9) we looked at walk cycles and mood change walks.

We started off with observing peoples walks when they are in different moods in the street. Then afterwards I looked at two different theories of walk cycles, one was Steve Robert’s theory, which I was looked at his basic walk cycle, the angry walk cycle and the depress walk cycle. And give these a try to animate on the lightbox.

And then look at Preston Blair’s theory, which I looked at his skip walk cycle and his basic walk cycle.


And give myself a try on animating the skip walk on the lightbox, and the basic walk cycle in Adobe Flash.

Then in Flash, I tried two different experiments with the simple walk cycle. one was a walking left to right across the screen and the other was walk on spot while the background was moving.

Now I got to do this once again, but this time with my character (Iceman) is supposed to walk in the scene in a certain way, see something that makes him react and go out of the scene walking in a different way. As these screen shots below shows.



Photo 22-12-2012 00 29 25

So for now.

Start of character designing, the developing stage

The start of my character design, I am going to based my three characters, one young, one middle of his life and one old as influnce to 2007 Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen.



I reckon this would work well due to Kimi’s characteristics such as choc-ice incidence in Malaysia 2009, some people say he could be the love child of James Hunt and saying things shouldn’t be saying in interviews and so forth.

I Started off to look at Formula 1 based animation and comic books, and the first thing I have find was Sennninha. Senninha is a Brazilian comic book character based upon the Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna. Senninha was launched in 1994 and was cancelled in the same year before returning in 2008.


Senninha (little Senna) was created by Rogério and Ridaut, and the reason this was created due to Rogério and Ridaut passion of Formula 1 and Ayrton Senna. So they decided to create a comic, which would be a copy of Senna, a little Senna and Senninha was born.

Senninha is the main character of the series, with characteristics very similar to Ayrton Senna, with unruly hair and red overalls (like the McLaren overalls Senna raced in that period). Also, Senninha was eight years old in the comics.

Both Rogério and Ridaut didn’t have the money to publish it, so they decided to go to Ayrton Senna. When they met, Senna loved the idea and he always wanted to do something for the children, he wanted to be educational as-well to help his charity work in Brazil. This was the best way with the Senninha character.

I started with the young character first, I wanted the character to be possibly be around the five or six years old mark. But, the first attemted I made him too old, I really wanted to make him cute.

Photo 17-12-2012 19 42 18

Then I researched more on character designs with cuteness in them and I looked at Powerpuff Girls and Dexters Laboratory as influences.

Also, then I look at Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation for ideas.

Picture 15-1

Then I looked at a character designers web-site to get some influences such as look at some Bugs Bunny design sheet below.


Then I restarted designing the young character once again and this time I felt this design worked better more cuter and more younger.

kimi_0 Photo 13-12-2012 10 31 14 Photo 13-12-2012 10 26 36

So therefore, I continue developing the young version of Kimi, which I called now on “Iceman” (nickname Kimi Raikkonen is usually called by the fans).

kimi_2 kimi_3 kimi_4 kimi_2a

Then I started some early development of the two older characters.

kimi_1 kimi_1a

Overall, a good start to my character designs. Also I felt that the lessons with Vincent Woodcock from last time out really helped me out for this project. More to come from this project.


Week 7: Vincent Woodcock, character and animation designer class

On beginning of week 7 we had a day lecture by character designer and animator Vincent Woodcock.

vw002 vincent 001

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 21

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 31

In the morning session, we started looking at the posture and the proportions of a human character by drawing it in a very simple way, which I felt this exercise worked a great effect way for me in my opinion. We looked at 3D shapes such as spheres, boxes and others to describe the different parts of the body.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 08

Then he talked about the characteristics of face and how they change from every different person. So, we had a try drawing each other.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 36

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 43

Photo 15-12-2012 15 50 51

In the afternoon we created a character starting from some features the group decided. So we would design a 5 year-old fat and tattooed boy who got one leg and he fishes? We also tried to think about his opposite, so it could be an old, skinny who doesn’t like fish.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 14

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 57

Then we had to look more into the proportions and try to be more detailed with the character designs and draw them in their poses.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 35

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 47

Finally, we had to make the characters interact into a scene. We had to imagine their reactions were as-well.

Photo 15-12-2012 15 51 51

Overall, possibly a very good day, exercises work well, now I can take it into my characters design and my animations as-well with the weeks to come.