Happy Christmas for 2017!

Happy Christmas/happy holidays everyone one who have visited the site in 2017, see you in 2018 with all new posts.



Yet, a few more Info Graphics

If you haven’t any on my two previous posts yet. I’ve created these new ones in Illustrator and After Effects. Usually take me over a day to complete them, the info-graphics pieces I have created go onto social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram to be exact) with facts on number of laps, lap records, race distances, top speeds, tyres and so forth on each Grand Prix. Or on the football Info-graphic the score of the game, possession, and other facts. Also for a new one Info Graphic that was created in After Effects exported as a jpeg file too with more facts.

The animation at the top are the latest from few days ago. While the animations at the bottom are the latest from last month ago.


Sketch books/life drawing classes November 2017

Recently, I have done a few life drawing classes in my spare time from the last month in November 2017 of my recent drawings in my sketch books. Which, include sketches between one to four minutes mainly, with a few thirty seconds and a few six minutes sketches added in. So enjoy.

November 2017